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david favor is for you is you have a Website which directly or indirectly puts cash in your pocket.

The aims to tune Websites for sub-second response time, independent of how many visitors arrive at your site. Even into the 1,000,000s/day range.

Sub-second (< 1 second) speed is essential for keeping people on your site.
This is essential to creating + sustaining Website cashflows.

Perusing through my Technical Resume... I notice...
1978 - began my hardware + software hacking exploits and...
1997 - began my Crazy Fast Websites adventure. Whew... a long time...

The is the *Gold Standard* for churning out fast Websites.

This checklist started it's life after my Crazy Fast Website talk at Keith Baxter's - SEO Mastermind in 2011.

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These videos usually have 5-10+ points for how to dramatically increase your Website speed.

NOTE: This video only provides information about what to optimize. You'll turn this video over to your Website person to do the actual optimization work. If your Website person is clueless about what's on your video, you can contact me for a quote do the work.

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Video How-To: Crafting Powerful Amazon Reviews

Using The Crazy Fast Websites Checklist

There are two ways to use this site. If you're a techie or have a great tech team, start through the and implement each item, in the order they appear.

Much better is to use the case studies in Beautiful Business - Crazy Fast Websites Chapter which arranges case studies by...

  1. Common Tuning - Applies to any site, whether it's a Mini Site or Money Site serving static pages or a CMS - Content Management System like or or etc...
  2. Wordpress Tuning - Specific tunings. For example, contrary to popular myth, W3 Total Cache will slow most sites down.
  3. Database Tuning - MySQL + MariaDB (MySQL that works) tunings. Many times these simple tunings will double your WordPress Website speed.
  4. Apache2 Tuning - The release of Apache-2.4.x has made Apache the absolute fastest Web server on the planet, for the first time in years. Knowing how to turn Apache is essential to site speed ups.
  5. PHP5 Tuning
  6. Operating System Tuning - Applies to Dedicated Servers including Cloud Instances. This set of tunings can usually be implemented + tested in 1-2 hours. Many times I've seen this tuning set take a site from 1-3 reqs/sec throughput to 10,000-20,000+ reqs/sec throughput. No joke. These tunings are usually simple Filesystem + TCP/IP tunings that can be completed in a few minutes + after a reboot are up + running.
  7. Tuning Tracking - This is an After Tuning activity, which puts in place a set of software that tracks tuning + ensures tuning is always in effect. This is a complex proposition and to my knowledge I'm one of the few humans that does this. For example, tracking the speed of your server connection to the Internet, to make sure you're getting the connection speed you're paying for. You'd be surprised how often people are paying for high speed connections + getting slow speed connections. Unless you know how to test + track this, you'll never know if you're getting what you paid for.

NOTE: Adding Tuning Case Studies to Beautiful Business is an idea I had as of 2013-04-27, after doing a Site Speed Consultation for the Infamous Uber ECommerce Ninja - Ezra Firestone.

Ezra's Case Study will appear in Beautiful Business Volume 1.14 which will publish shortly.

Additional Case Studies will appear in Beautiful Business future editions.